Friday, July 5, 2013

The Fourth of July

The Fourth of July has always been a big holiday in my life. 

When I was a little girl we always had a barbecue. It was the only day of the year that we used the barbecue grill when I was young. My dad would spike the fruit salad in the watermelon basket, light up the charcoal grill - ah, I still love that smell - and set off fireworks. I never liked the noise of fireworks. I only liked the sparklers. We all wore our red, white and blue and created joyful memories.

My husband and I have a Fourth of July barbecue every year. The whole family and our friends would come. The little kids would have a blast in the pool. We would cook lots of hot dogs and hamburgers on three or four grills. At the end of the evening we would all walk down to the high school, spread out our blankets and watch the fireworks. We created joyful memories.

Last night my husband and I had a Fourth of July barbecue. I didn't spike the watermelon. We started up the propane grill, and everyone made their own pizza on a Boboli. It's against the law to set off fireworks in your back yard, and the town doesn't have them anymore because they cost too much money, so there were no fireworks. Well, some of our neighbors set them off, but the police go all over town stopping them. We created memories.

I am very grateful to live in the U.S.A. I am very grateful to have happy childhood memories about the Fourth of July. I am grateful for the childhood memories we gave to our children. 

I joyfully anticipate being a grandmother someday. I want to bless my grandchildren with wonderful memories of the Fourth of July. 

I am abundantly grateful that I can choose to create joyful memories. Thank You, God, for the gift of freedom.

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