Monday, October 28, 2013

A Cat Cuddle

Today I am grateful for a Dory cuddle. A soft purring cat in my arms calms me and brings me joy. 
Thank You, God, for a cuddle with Dory this morning.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Undo Redo

I was upset. In the last upgrade Apple put an undo button on the keyboard of my iPad. I hit the undo button by mistake and all my writing disappeared. I didn't see the undo button so I had no idea how it all went away. I had actually done it, but I did not know it, and I was blaming Apple. The next day I discovered the undo button. Now I realized that I had done it myself. I was very upset that Apple had put an undo button on the keyboard without a way to undo the undo. This made me very nervous. Now I was very cautious when I used the keyboard, almost to the point that I did not want to use it. I was angry at Apple. I was frustrated. I was upset about the change. Today, I discovered the redo button. It was installed when the undo button was installed. Now, I am not so concerned about the undo button. Now the undo button is not threatening. Now, I might actually choose to use the undo button. I have yet to embrace it, but I may at some point. 

Changes. There are several changes in my life right now. I cannot see how I brought these changes about, but if I am to believe in the law of attraction, and I do, then I believe that I attracted these changes. Right now, I do not see how, perhaps at some point I will, perhaps I may never. But the key is that I attracted theses changes. I hit the undo button. I have big fears. My fears are tied to the thought that there is no redo button. That these changes are going to permanently take away what was. Poof. Gone. Yes, I have anger over that. Yes,I have frustration. Yes, I have fear. I want things to go back to what they were. I think if I complain loud enough that they will. (I thought of complaining about the undo button on Facebook or to Apple, but I didn't because somewhere inside of me I knew I was missing some information. Perhaps, if I had complained I would have been given the information, but then I would not have discovered the redo button myself and I would not be seeing this analogy.) So will there be a point that I will see that there is a redo button here among these changes in my life? That I might actually see the good in these changes? That I might choose to embrace these changes, and like the undo button? 

I don't see the redo button yet, but now I do believe that it is there. Now, I do believe that all is happening for my good and the good of all involved. Now, I do believe that a time will come when I will be grateful for these changes. So I choose to let go of my anger. I choose to let go of my frustration. I choose to let go of my fears. I choose to believe that I hit the undo button for a reason. I choose to believe that these changes are a blessing. I choose to be grateful for these changes now. I believe all is well.

Thank You, God.