Sunday, July 7, 2013


We had a Fourth of July party. We had a lot of food leftover. Last night we invited our closest friends over, and I let my girlfriends loose in my kitchen with the leftovers. They are both amazing cooks! I knew they would come up with something great! They did not let me down. They prepared a delicious and nutritious meal with the party leftovers for eight people last night. We had so much fun! 

Today I am grateful for our friends. Friends who are comfortable to cook in my kitchen. Thank You, God.

If you are wondering what they prepared - they made shrimp scampi with rigatoni and arugula, garlic toasted cheese flatbreads and a salad with the works. Yum!

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  1. Terry,

    Thank you so much for joining us at Lawn Tea---I hope you'll visit often, and I've marked your site to come drop in as well.

    I'm so honored by your gift of the award---my blog is so seldom visited now because I've been so sporadic over the past quite-a-few-months. I don't blame them for giving up on me.

    I so appreciate your choosing Lawn Tea, but like my dear friend Jeanne, time is catching up, as well as Grandchildren and all the attendant activities and quite a few questions on the home front. I'll have to pass right now, but I so enjoyed your own questionnaire, and you're now my Mama Hero---I've known only one other friend who had four-babies-all-at-once, and we called her Saint Jen. My three singles were born within 34 months, but you!!

    I'm impressed and awed and just delighted to know you. And if need comes, I'll be glad to call you St. Terry ANYTIME.


    PS your wallpaper is an exact match for a charming little pink ceiling fan/light I just picked out at Lowe's for my birthday coming up. Even the blades are tapered like petals.