Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I love Alexandra Stoddard. She is an amazing author of non-fiction books about living really well. Today, I read the following quote by her:

 "People clutter up their lives because they haven't found their inner fire. Once we discover our passion, we tend to simplify." 

I categorize my passion into two groups. Passion with a capital P and passion with a lower case p.

My passion with a lower case p are my interests reading, writing, knitting and walking, (it used to be running, but at 55 I switched to more walking) and all things in my life associated with those four activities. I am about to clear out my craft closet, and yes, it will be very easy to clean out because I know my passion. Therefore, I know what I want to keep and what I am more than ready to let go.

 My Passion with a capital P is my family. My husband, my four children, and all my family members are my Passion. I will drop all of my passions for them. I love my family with my entire being. I truly do believe "family first."

I have a PASSION that encompasses all of my passions/Passions - God, Jesus, Faith. This is the title of my post. This is the title of my life.  

Thank You, God for all the PASSIONS in my life!

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