Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Anticipation of Snow

I am like child when there is a prediction for a snow storm.

The other night the weathermen were predicting three days of snow for the east coast. I was more excited than any kid I know. When I think that there might be a delayed opening or a snow day the next day I cheerfully bounce through my day with eager anticipation. At night I wake up frequently and look up at the skylights over my bed hoping that they will be covered over with snow.

Just the anticipation of snow brightens my day.

This time we did not get any snow. Today, when it was suppose to snow all day, the sky is blue. For some strange reason that does not disappoint me at all. I simply just love the possibility that I could awaken to my piece of the world covered in beautiful sparkly snow crystals.

Maybe tomorrow.

Thank You, God, for the beauty of snow. Thank You, God, for my mind that can imagine beautiful snow.

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