Sunday, March 3, 2013


I love Sundays!

Sundays are my favorite day of the week, because I choose to celebrate Sunday as a day of rest.

Sunday is the one day, every week, I sleep in. Once awake I quietly slip out of bed, gather the laundry and come downstairs. Even though I sleep in I am still awake before everyone else in the house, and I really like that. Once downstairs I peacefully separate and put on a load of laundry. I do need to do laundry every day, but on Sundays I do it at a very relaxed pace. During the week I am always watching the clock, but on Sundays I pay no attention to time.

Once the washing machine is on I go into the kitchen to feed the cats. My two furry bundles of love rub up against me saying, "Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love you, love you, love you! I then make myself a cup of coffee and take it into my studio and curl up in my favorite chair in the house to pray.

I read a devotional or two, I journal my thoughts to God and God's words to me, I write lists of gratitude, I pray for others. During the work week and on Saturdays I need to end my prayer time at a certain point and get ready for the day, but on Sundays I allow myself to spend as long as I need talking and listening to God. It is absolutely wonderful! I continue to stay in my chair reading or sketching or just dreaming until my body and soul are ready to move on.

I know, if you have small children, you are thinking, " I wish." When my children were small I took whatever time I could every morning to have my first cup of coffee with God. I must tell you that I did not begin starting my day that way until my children were six years old. I wish I had thought to do so earlier. When they were young I would remain in my prayer spot until they were awake then I tended to them. As the years went by I was able to spend more and more time with God.

Once I am finally up from my glorious green chair I eat breakfast - it is wonderful if one of the kids makes pancakes or waffles - then I CREATE! The true love of all my activities is CREATING! I will blog or knit or crochet or needle felt or just craft. These are the activities I lose myself in and forget all about time. I can spend hours sitting at my needle felting table working on a project. For me this is heaven! I am hoping that my job in heaven is to make angel wings. I can see myself knitting beautiful sparkly angel wings. I can see myself sprinkling glitter. I can see angels coming by for wing fittings. I can see shelves full of gorgeous feathers to choose. . . I get lost in just dreaming about creating.

Sunday is pizza night at our house. We used to have pizza on Friday nights, and I would cook a big meal on Sundays. One Sunday Gary said, "I really don't want to be in the kitchen until 9:00 every Sunday night. How about we switch pizza night to Sunday?" That has been one of the best ideas ever! Now, I get to create, create, create until the pizza arrives. I don't even order it. One of the kids does. Then we all sit around the kitchen table relaxed and happy, because we all know that if momma is happy everyone is happy, eating pizza, drinking wine and chatting. I love it!

After pizza I sometimes will go back into my studio to work a little bit more on a project. Other times I go to bed early with a cup of tea and my book. Either way I eventually end up blissfully rested and ready to start another week.

Thank You, God for Blessing me with Divine Guidance that led me to this glorious Sunday routine.
I love Sundays!

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