Monday, March 4, 2013

Coffee With God

Twenty years ago I volunteered at a Christian book store.

One day I was browsing through a magazine when I saw an article titled, "How to Pray." I was raised Catholic, and I knew how to pray. I had to memorize prayers all through my twelve years in Catholic school. But this was different. This was how to have a conversation with God. The article suggested using a binder and setting up sections. One section would be petitions, another praise, another gratitude, and I added a fourth section, something I'd been taught in Catholic high school, a Dear God section. Dear God was just a daily letter to God telling Him whatever I wanted. I had also picked up, at the book store, a pamphlet of suggested daily Bible readings.

It was summer-time. I would get up around six, go for a walk, then come home, get a cup of coffee and sit on the front porch with my Bible and my journal binder until the kids awoke.

Twenty years later I still have the same routine, except I walk after my prayer time. Over the years I have used a variety of devotionals, but the only one I have stuck with for many years is The Daily Word. I tried many different types of journals, but I have settled to using sketch pads because I like to add little sketches to my journal.

I am abundantly grateful for the time I volunteered at that bookstore, because it led me to a daily prayer practice. I highly recommend starting your day off with some quiet time with God. I believe I am living a life I love because of it.

Thank You, God, for the Divine Guidance that led me to having my first cup of coffee with You each morning.

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