Monday, August 26, 2013

The Law of Attraction

I love to write. I may not be published, or paid for my work, or even considered by others to be very good at it. That does not matter to me. I love to write. I need to write like I need to breathe. 

I would love to be able to draw. I want to learn how to draw. I try to draw all the time, but drawing, I admit, I am really bad at.

I dream of writing a beautiful book and embellishing it with my drawings. 

Yesterday, I received in the mail, a catalog for some classes. I did not request this catalog. It simply arrived, and guess what was in it?

A writing workshop taught by Julia Cameron at a time and place that works with my life, and at a price I can afford!


A drawing workshop! However, this workshop does not fit into my schedule or budget ... right now. 

What excites me, what I am abundantly grateful for, is that I attracted these workshops into my life. That God is blessing me with Divine Guidance to attract into my life what I want. 

Thank You, God!

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