Friday, August 9, 2013

A Morning at Barnes and Noble

This morning my friend Denise and I spent three glorious hours in Barnes and Noble! We didn't plan to, the hours just flew by. First, we walked five and a half miles around a beautiful lake, then drove over to Barnes and Noble. We selected books and magazines that interested us and took them into the cafe. Our little round table was so little we had to pull over two extra chairs, one for our look-through stack and one for our put-back stack. The ones we were purchasing went to the bottom of our look-through stack. We got our coffees and scones and settled in. As we browsed through our books and magazines we read bits to each other and shared beautiful photos. At the end we each selected a book and a Stampington magazine, but it didn't end there. As we made our way to the register we walked among dozens of bargain items. So many to look at and say no to. Yet, we each ended up with two more books and a calligraphy set. We always wanted to learn calligraphy. How could we resist? It was bargain-priced!  At the registers we discovered that we spent exactly the same amount of money, right down to the penny! We laughed. It was a glorious morning and we each had an armload of bargains!

Today, I am grateful for my friend Denise and the hours God blessed us with to enjoy together. I am grateful for the items I purchased. I know they will bring me great joy. I believe God's hand was guiding this day.

Thank You, God.

         The gorgeous lake we walk around at least twice everyday.

That's not a book on top of a book. That is the book cover! Isn't it beautiful? I know I should not judge a book by its cover, but this one was impossible to resist. Plus Little Women is one of my favorite books.

I devour everything written by Susan Branch. Susan's new book A Fine Romance is an artful journal. I have dreamed of writing an artful journal. This book shall be my beginning.

        My favorite magazine in the whole wide world!

        Gotta learn calligraphy in order to write an artful journal.

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