Friday, August 2, 2013

My Favorite Bloggers

I subscribe via email to about six blogs. I follow many on Bloglovin. There are two blogs that when I open up my email and I see their blog titles, in the list of new emails, my heart jumps with joy.

The first one is Susan Branch at Susan is absolutely delightful. I know that when I read her blog post I will be filled with joy and enthusiasm. Susan writes that she has the "happy gene."  If that happy gene is contagious you will catch it from Susan. Susan writes about her cooking, her art and her travels. She has a unique way of taking us along with her as if we are her very best friend. Susan blesses and serves others with her contagious joy for life. She makes me want to write, create and share my love for life.

The second blog that I adore is Vicki's blog at  Vicki is sweet and kind and generous. Vicki writes about her travels and her knitting. Hence, " two bags full', one for her clothes and one for her yarn. Vicki serves and blesses her readers with beautiful give-aways and " build your blog" parties. Then, she gracefully reaches out to her readers to serve and bless others through knitting for charity or purchasing her elegantly knitted bird nests, of which she donates 100% of the proceeds. Vicki inspires me to serve and bless others.

Susan and Vicki are my mentors. They inspire me to write, to create, to share and to bless and serve others. I am abundantly grateful that God blessed me with Susan and Vicki. 

Thank You, God!

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