Tuesday, June 18, 2013


When I was a young girl I went to visit a friend. Her mother had a large bulletin board next to the telephone. On the bulletin board was a perfectly square piece of cardboard, about five inches square, on it were the words, "Say No." When I asked my friend about it she said it was for her mom because her mom always said yes when people called and asked her to do something. There were five children in the family and they wanted their mom to say "no" and be home more .

I treasure the gift of time. I love living a more easy going pace. I don't like to be overbooked. I like when I can take life at a relaxed pace, getting my work done and still have time to do what I want to do. I am discovering that I have more control over my time than I used to believe. I just need to say, "No." I need to watch over my time and guard it. I love being home. My husband loves being home. That's perfect! Today I am grateful for the courage to say, "No." 

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