Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pennies From Heaven

I love finding pennies! I absolutely do think of them as "Pennies From Heaven" - a gift from God. A friend of mine says that when she finds a penny she thinks of it as a little message from her mom that she is with her.

 I recently went through a frightening time. I was in Sports Authority, and I was feeling somewhat distraught. I walked out of the store and there, on the ground, were two pennies heads up. I immediately felt better, because I believed that those pennies were a gift from God, a sign, from my mom and dad, that they were with me. I am thankful for "Pennies From Heaven."

P.S. I only pick up the pennies that are heads up. If they are tails up, I flip them over and leave them to bless someone else.

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