Friday, May 31, 2013

God's Hand

Life has been a bit challenging lately. My sister is ill and needed surgery. I know she is not alone. I know all of us who love her are not alone. I know God has been with us every step of the way. I see His hand. I see His hand in the bus and taxi drivers who get us where we need to be safely. I see His hand in the food servers who are serving us our food in the hospital cafeteria. I see His hand in the police car that drove next to me as I drove into the city making me feel safe and protected. I see His hand in the two heads up pennies I found lying on the ground when I was worrying. I see His hand in the comforting picture that reminded me of a family picture hanging over my sister's bed. I see His hand in the amazing medical staff who is truly taking care of us all. I see His hand in the young man who helped us get on the right bus. There are more places I see His hand, and I know His hand was in many places I did not see. Thank You, God, for Your tender living hand in our lives.

"Divine love brings order and harmony to my life.
Divine love sustains and upholds me.
Divine love guides me through the storm.
O God, thank You for Your presence in my life."
-Victor M. Parachin

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