Tuesday, February 26, 2013

God's Little Surprises

Today, I am grateful that my music box is in perfect condition.

When I was a little girl my mother had a church music box that played Silent Night. She would put it out every Christmas. I loved that music box. Shortly after my mother died the music box disappeared. Every Christmas, for 20+ years, I would talk about that music box. Then one Christmas my sister blessed me with a church music box. You can read the whole story here at "A Sister's Love."

A couple months ago I went to show the music box to a friend. I keep it out year round. I wound the box but nothing happened. I thought the box was either completely worn out or broken. Setting it down, I sadly walked away.

This morning, as I went to pick something up off the floor I bumped into the  music box and suddenly it started playing. I was so happy!

Thank You, God, for my perfect music box. I love that music box so very much. Thank You for a little surprise on a Tuesday morning. Thank You for the ways that You show me how much You love me.

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